Thursday, March 24, 2011

American Rottweiler Club Formally Opposes Pit Bull Ban In Whitehall, Ohio

The American Rottweiler Club sent a formal letter of opposition to the Mayor and members of the Whitehall, Ohio City Council with regard to a proposed anti-pet ordinance which includes a “pit bull” ban.

Whitehall, OH City Council Considers Ban On Pit Bulls As Vicious Dogs

Whitehall, Ohio looks at proposed ban on pit bulls, ‘vicious’ dogs. According to a local news report the city council is considering an anti-pet ordinance which bans pit bulls and other so-called vicious dogs. The American Rottweiler Club is adamantly opposed to breed specific legislation as ineffective and even dangerous in the prevention of dog bites.

OH HB 124 – Anti-Pet Bill Criminalizes Dog Ownership & Hobby Breeders – Robert F. Hagan and W. Carl Weddington

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Ohio anti-pet bill Ohio HB 124, sponsored by Robert F.Hagan and W. Carl Weddington, is one on the largest attacks against responsbile dog owners and breeders in the country.

OH HB 124 faciliates warrantless searches and seizures, creates a politically-appointed PRIVATE enforcement “authority” answerable to no one, a “slush fund”of revenue and contains numerous other violations of civil rights.

California SB 250 – Criminalizes Pet Owners UNLESS New Tax Is Paid

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CA SB 250 is radical anti-pet legislation sponsored by State Senator Dean Florez. ARC Bill Summary: AMENDED IN SENATE MAY 28, 2009 AMENDED IN SENATE MAY 5, 2009 AMENDED IN SENATE APRIL 21, 2009 AMENDED IN SENATE APRIL 2, 2009 SENATE BILL No. 250 Introduced by Senator Florez February 24, 2009 An act to add [...]

American Rottweiler Club Formal Response To MD SB 318

Dear Senator Gladden and Respected Members of the Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee:

The American Rottweiler Club, Inc. (ARC), the parent club of the American Kennel Club (AKC) for the Rottweiler breed in the United States, representing thousands of dog owners, is writing to express our grave concern over Maryland SB 318, A Bill That Criminalizes The Ownership and Limits The Possession of Breeding Dogs.

Since its inception, the American Rottweiler Club has been deeply engaged in advancing animal welfare and the humane care and treatment of dogs.