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American Rottweiler Club Formally Responds To California Anti-Pet Bill CA SB 250 By Dean Florez

The American Rottweiler Club is adamantly opposed to the cruel and inhumane treatment of dogs, the exploitation of innocent animals, and illegal, sub-standard breeding operations.

We therefore respectfully submit our official and unequivocal opposition to California SB 250 and to any other bill which makes criminals out of law-abiding, tax-paying citizens and home and hobby breeders, or anyone owning intact dogs.

California SB 250 is not only irresponsible, cruel and inhumane, it sets a dangerous precedent for the type and scope of legislation.

Protect Your Pet! Sign The PetPac Petition to Oppose Anti-Pet California Senate Bill 250

Pets and pet owners in California are at risk! Just say NO to anti-pet laws like SB 250 in California, sponsored by Senator Dean Florez.

Tell your legislators that SB 250 is a bad idea.

California SB 250 – Criminalizes Pet Owners UNLESS New Tax Is Paid

June 12, 2009 by admin23  
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CA SB 250 is radical anti-pet legislation sponsored by State Senator Dean Florez. ARC Bill Summary: AMENDED IN SENATE MAY 28, 2009 AMENDED IN SENATE MAY 5, 2009 AMENDED IN SENATE APRIL 21, 2009 AMENDED IN SENATE APRIL 2, 2009 SENATE BILL No. 250 Introduced by Senator Florez February 24, 2009 An act to add [...]