Thursday, March 24, 2011

SPECIAL REPORT – Investigation and Analysis Of Veterinary Literature Regarding Ear Cropping and Tail Docking

BACKGROUND: Details the violations of civil rights and array of negative consequences for innocent dogs and pet owners as a result of the AVMA revised policy regarding ear cropping and tail docking. FREE DOWNLOAD OF ENTIRE ARC SPECIAL REPORT -  CLICK THE ADD TO CART BUTTON BELOW The Impact of Animal Rights Extremism Upon the [...]

American Rottweiler Club Responds To The AVMA On Revised Ear Crop and Tail Dock Position

It is with the greatest respect for the AVMA, and with the greatest concern, that we formally submit our letter of opposition to the recently revised policy position concerning ear cropping and tail docking, including the very guidelines for response which have been set for dissenting groups by the AVMA Animal Welfare Committee.

New York State Bill A07218 – Criminalizes Ownership Of Docked Dogs

New York Assembly Bill A07218 Summary:

This piece of Anti-Pet Legislation would criminalize owners of cropped of docked dogs and contains numerous Civil Rights Violations, including basis for Warrantless Searches, Selective Enforcement, Racial Profiling and Unequal Protection. NY A07218 will end dog shows throughout New York State – resulting in a loss of revenue for local businesses, tax revenue for the state, and loss of revenue for the veterinary profession.