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North Carolina SB 460 – Anti-Pet Bill Criminalizes Dog Ownership

July 6, 2009 by admin23  
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North Carolina Senate Bill 460 is an anti-pet bill sponsored by freshman Senator Don Davis and supported by North Carolina Senators Tom Apodaca (Buncombe), Julia Boseman (New Hanover), Daniel Clodfelter (Mecklenburg), Charlie Dannelly (Mecklenburg), Linda Garrou (Forsyth), David Hoyle (Gaston), Neal Hunt (Wake), Clark Jenkins (Edgecombe), Ellie Kinnaird (Orange), Martin Nesbitt (Buncombe), Tony Rand (Cumberland), Bob Rucho (Mecklenburg), RC Soles (Brunswick), Josh Stein (Wake).

The American Rottweiler Club urges members and pet owners alike to contact North Carolina State elected representatives to immediately oppose this bill.

OH HB 124 – Anti-Pet Bill Criminalizes Dog Ownership & Hobby Breeders – Robert F. Hagan and W. Carl Weddington

June 25, 2009 by admin23  
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Ohio anti-pet bill Ohio HB 124, sponsored by Robert F.Hagan and W. Carl Weddington, is one on the largest attacks against responsbile dog owners and breeders in the country.

OH HB 124 faciliates warrantless searches and seizures, creates a politically-appointed PRIVATE enforcement “authority” answerable to no one, a “slush fund”of revenue and contains numerous other violations of civil rights.

Protect Your Pet! Sign The PetPac Petition to Oppose Anti-Pet California Senate Bill 250

Pets and pet owners in California are at risk! Just say NO to anti-pet laws like SB 250 in California, sponsored by Senator Dean Florez.

Tell your legislators that SB 250 is a bad idea.

California SB 250 – Criminalizes Pet Owners UNLESS New Tax Is Paid

June 12, 2009 by admin23  
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CA SB 250 is radical anti-pet legislation sponsored by State Senator Dean Florez. ARC Bill Summary: AMENDED IN SENATE MAY 28, 2009 AMENDED IN SENATE MAY 5, 2009 AMENDED IN SENATE APRIL 21, 2009 AMENDED IN SENATE APRIL 2, 2009 SENATE BILL No. 250 Introduced by Senator Florez February 24, 2009 An act to add [...]

New York State Bill A07218 – Criminalizes Ownership Of Docked Dogs

New York Assembly Bill A07218 Summary:

This piece of Anti-Pet Legislation would criminalize owners of cropped of docked dogs and contains numerous Civil Rights Violations, including basis for Warrantless Searches, Selective Enforcement, Racial Profiling and Unequal Protection. NY A07218 will end dog shows throughout New York State – resulting in a loss of revenue for local businesses, tax revenue for the state, and loss of revenue for the veterinary profession.

Pennsylvania HB 39 – Criminalizing Owners Of Cropped or Docked Dogs

The Pennsylvania Senate Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee will hear testimony on House Bill 39 this coming Tuesday, June 9, 2009 at Noon in Room 8E-A of the East wing of the capitol building in Harrisburg. If possible, concerned dog owners should attend this hearing and voice opposition. DOWNLOAD THE BILL HERE PRINTER’S NO. 31 [...]

American Rottweiler Club Supports Texas HB 1046 – Grants Appeals To Animal Owners

May 27, 2009 by admin23  
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As president of the American Rottweiler Club and on behalf of its Texas members, we are in support of Texas HB 1046 that grants an appeal to animal owners if their animals are awarded to a humane organization or ordered euthanized.

Maryland SB 319 – A Bill Limiting Possion Of Breeding Dogs

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Does the State Of Maryland Want To Make Owning Dogs A Crime?  Yes, siree, Bob! Especially Sexually Intact Dogs DOWNLOAD THE BILL HERE: EXPLANATION: CAPITALS INDICATE MATTER ADDED TO EXISTING LAW. [Brackets] indicate matter deleted from existing law. *sb0318* SENATE BILL 318 E1 9lr1811 CF 9lr1151 By: Senators Gladden, Della, Madaleno, and Stone Introduced [...]

Maryland HB 495 – A Bill Limiting Dog Ownership

HB 495 Department of Legislative Services Maryland General Assembly 2009 Session IMPORTANT:  Below is the ACTUAL language of MD. HB 495 FISCAL AND POLICY NOTE House Bill 495  (Delegate Smigiel, et al.) Judiciary Criminal Law – Crimes Relating to Animals – Limitations on Possession of Breeding Dogs This bill prohibits a person from owning, possessing, [...]